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Slewing ring , slew ring , slewing bearing , turntable bearings

--Xzxinda5 18:12, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: As a specialized manufacturer and exporter of slewing bearing for standard or non-standard applications in china. we sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed corporation.Our products are mainly below items: 1. Single-row four-point contact ball series.2. Single-row crossed roller series.3. Double-row ball series.4. Three-row roller series.5.Roller and ball combination series.6.Light type profile slewing bearing.If interested, please feel free to contact us. xdxd[ at]

Mr Eric

Filling machinery Slewing bearing , slew bearing , turntable bearing , swing bearing

--Xzxinda5 18:15, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional slewing bearing manufacturer from China, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of slewing bearings, heavy and large bearings, special used bearings, and non-standard bearings.

Compared to the genernal bearings ,slewing bearings not only rotate but also bear the axial force ,radial force and resultant mo 1. Single-row four-point contact ball series 2. Single-row crossed roller series. 3. Double-row ball series. 4. Three-row roller series. 5.Roller and ball combination series. 6.Light type profile slewing bearing. 7. SKF, INA, Rollix, NSK, Rothe Erde Replacement Turntable Bearing

Contact Eric Zhang Department International Trade Dept Company Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd Adress No.163 Third Ring Road,Xuzhou,Jiangsu,China Phone 86-516-83206168 Fax 86-516-83205618 Mobile 86-18351349865

Slewing bearing manufacturer in China

--Xzxinda5 18:18, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd. is the specialized manufacturer of slewing bearing in China,we can supply following model:

RKS.061.20.0414 RKS.061.20.0544 RKS.061.20.0644RKS.061.20.0744 RKS.061.20.0844 RKS.061.20.0944RKS.061.20.1094 RKS.061.20.1094 RKS.061.25.1314RKS.061.25.1424 RKS.061.25.1534 RKS.061.25.1644RKS.061.25.1754 RKS.061.25.1754 RKS.062.20.0414RKS.062.20.0544 RKS.062.20.0644 RKS.062.20.0744RKS.062.20.0844 RKS.062.20.0944 RKS.062.20.1094RKS.062.25.1204 RKS.062.25.1314 RKS.062.25.1424RKS.062.25.1534 RKS.062.25.1644 RKS.062.25.1754RKS.062.30.1904 RKS.060.20.0414 RKS.060.20.0544RKS.060.20.0644 RKS.060.20.0744 RKS.060.20.0844RKS.060.20.0944 RKS.060.20.1094 RKS.060.25.1204RKS.060.25.1314 RKS.060.25.1424 RKS.060.25.1534RKS.060.25.1644 RKS.060.25.1754 RKS.060.30.1904RKS.161.14.0414 RKS.161.14.0544 RKS.161.14.0644RKS.161.14.0744 RKS.161.14.0844 RKS.161.14.0944RKS.161.14.1094 RKS.161.16.1204 RKS.161.16.1314RKS.161.16.1424 RKS.161.16.1534 RKS.161.16.1644RKS.161.16.1754 RKS.161.20.1904 RKS.162.14.0414RKS.162.14.0544 RKS.162.14.0644 RKS.162.14.0744RKS.162.14.0744 RKS.162.14.0944 RKS.162.14.1094RKS.162.16.1204 RKS.162.16.1314 RKS.162.16.1424RKS.162.16.1534 RKS.162.16.1644 RKS.162.16.1754RKS.162.20.1904 RKS.160.14.0414 RKS.160.14.0544RKS.160.14.0644 RKS.160.14.0744 RKS.160.14.0844RKS.160.14.0944 RKS.160.14.1094 RKS.160.16.1204RKS.160.16.1314 RKS.160.16.1424 RKS.160.16.1534RKS.160.16.1644 RKS.160.16.1754 RKS.160.20.1904RKS.21 0411 RKS.21 0541 RKS.21 0641RKS.21 0741 RKS.21 0841 RKS.21 0941RKS.21 1091 RKS.23 0411 RKS.23 0541RKS.23 0641 RKS.23 0741 RKS.23 0841RKS.23 0941 RKS.23 1091 RKS.22 0411RKS.22 0541 RKS.22 0741 RKS.22 0641RKS.22 0841 RKS.22 0941 RKS.22 1091RKS.204040101001 RKS.302070202001 RKS.900155101001RKS.951145101001 RKS.901175101001 RKS.921150303001RKS.121400101002 RKS.121390101002 RKS.122290101002RKS.221310101001 RKS.222500101001 RKS.221300101001RKS.222600101001 RKS.324012324001 RKS.322300101001RKS.425060101001 RKS.425060201001 RKS.425062621001RKS.427020101001 RKS.427050403001 RKS.111280101002RKS.212140106001 RKS.211430101001 RKS.211440101001RKS.212600101001 RKS.312410101001 RKS.312410102001RKS.312290202001 RKS.313500404001 RKS.314310101001RKS.413290203001 RKS.512080101001 RKS.921155203001RKS.121405101002 RKS.121395101002 RKS.122295101002 If you need more information of our company,kindly visit www(dot)slewing-world(dot)com

Mr Eric Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd Add: No163Third Ring Road,Xuzhou,Jiangsu,Chinaa. www(dot)slewing-world(dot)com xdxd(at)slewing-world(dot)com

Slewing ring bearing , slewing bearing , bearings , turntable bearings ,swing bearing

--Xzxinda5 18:20, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of slewing bearing for standard and non-standard application,which is specializing in prouducing,designing and R&D .We are located in Xuzhou-the China Construction Machinery Base, we have modern production plant, first-rate facilities, large production capacity,complete producing and testing instruments, excellent engineers and technicians, we have reached the high industry level by our comprehensive strength.Our products mainly have six series:single row ball structure, single row crossed roller structure, double row ball structure, three row roller structure, roller and ball combination structure, light type profile structure. These series comply with China Construction Standard JG/T66-1999, JG/T67-1999, JG/T68-1999 and Machinery Industry Standard JB/T2300-1999, which are being widely used in many fields, such as excavator,crane,construction machinery,mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery, port/marine machinery, environmental protection equipment, aerospace equipment, wind power equipment and so on.our products won lots of hornor at home and abroad by high precision, long life, reasonable structure, we have passed ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification and our main markets are covering with more than 30 countries and areas in Asia, Europe, the Americas and so on.We will serve you with reliable design, precise technology, honest credit, promote and efficient after-sales service,and high performance-price ratio products,we will endeavor to do better in the future ,any of your requirements will be highly appreciated .

Ball/Roller combined slewing ring bearing , swing bearing , slewing bearing , turntable bearing , bearings

--Xzxinda5 18:21, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: This bearing is comprised of an Inner Ring, Outer Ring, balls, rollers and seals. Incorporating the benefits of balls and rollers, this design allows small eccentricities at relatively high axial loads. The rectangular design allows for Internal, External, or no-gear designs. Typical Capacity Range: Load English Metric Axial (Thrust) Up to 17,500,000 lb 77,843,880 N

Radial	Up to 775,000 lb	3,447,372 N

Moment Up to 5,160,000 ft-lb 6,996,031 Nm

Typical Size Range mm (inch) 

O.D. I.D. Width 3772(148.5) 3358 (132.2) 159 (6.26) 5016 (197.5) 4526 (178.2) 183 (7.20) XZXD Slewing Ring Bearings: Turntable Bearings Single row – four point contact ball Single row – crossed roller Double row – angular contact ball Three row – roller Ball/Roller combined

Typical Applications:

Mining equipment, material handling equipment

SKF, INA, Rollix, NSK, Rothe Erde Replacement Turntable Bearing , slewing bearing

--Xzxinda5 19:07, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: Rollix Slewing Bearing Replacement Replacement Slewing Bearing for Rollix Single-row four-point contact ball series

Single-row crossed roller series

Double-row ball seriesThree-row roller series

Roller and ball combination series

Light type profile slewing bearing

Advantages:Have stronger loading capacity and convenient compare to normal bearingsCan bear radial and axial forceSpecial designs are available

slewing bearings for truck mounted concrete pumps ,swing bearing , slewing ring , bearing

--Xzxinda5 19:09, 22 December 2011 (CST)

Message: Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of slewing bearing

                                slewing bearings for truck mounted concrete pumps

Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of slewing bearing (Diameter rang:200mm-4000mm), certified by ISO9001:2000.

Our slewing bearing are extensively applied in vessel, construction mahinery,mine machinery, excavator,concrete machinery, paper machinery,plastic and rubber machinery, wind power generator,metallurgy machinery ,packing machinery,piling machinery ,all kinds of cranes and so on.

We have high quality and competitive price,and please believed you will be satisfied with our services

If you have any interest in slewing bearing ,pls feel free to contact us.

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